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About Us

Founded on Reliability and Integrity

For the last three decades, we have built our company — and our reputation — on living up to the promise of our name. We are committed to providing superior quality and safety standards, tenacious budget control, and rigorous command of project management and schedules. Reliable New England is focused on delivering results and building relationships founded on integrity, partnership, and trust.

Getting the Job Done Right – Whatever it Takes

Our “whatever it takes” principle guides how we approach every project, solve every challenge, and innovate every new idea. It’s the reason we are sought out for complex projects with specific requirements, unusual circumstances, and often challenging variables. It’s why we consistently succeed in completing projects on time and on budget. We don’t just get a project done, we get it done it right.

Have Confidence in Our Credentials

Reliable New England is fully licensed, insured, and certified in all aspects of our business. We are certified by the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) in:

  • General Contracting
  • Roofing
  • Historical Roofing
  • Masonry
  • Waterproofing

Reliable New England is a signatory to the following unions: 

  • Roofers Union Local #33
  • Sheet Metal Workers Union Local #17
  • Massachusetts Bricklayers & Masons Union Local #3
  • Carpenter Union Local #33
  • Laborers District Council

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