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Building Maintenance

Roofing Maintenance

Reliable Roofing & Sheet Metal LLC provides a full maintenance service for your roofing system. This is vitally important to extend the life of your roof and realize the greatest return on your capital investment. Our expertise in commercial roofing and our affiliation to several manufacturers make us the natural choice in choosing a roof maintenance contractor.

Roof maintenance is often left to the building facilities staff and while they generally do a great job, they do not have the specialized knowledge to inspect roofing systems. A roofing professional can spot a small discrepancy when it is easily repairable and fix accordingly. It is vitally important to repair, using the correct materials for the specific roofing system. A repair using the incorrect materials can void the warranty and do further damage to your roofing system. Our technicians are highly experienced in the roofing industry and have been trained to repair a wide variety of roofing systems.

There are several options for maintaining your roof system. We can offer a complete package of bi-yearly inspections and debris removal or we can inspect your roof and provide recommendations to your facility staff. Having a procedure to deal with; Periodic cleaning of debris, how to address penetrations required for services and where walkway pads should be installed can be simple changes that greatly lengthen your roof life.

Our company also provides thermal imaging surveys. These surveys are far superior to visual inspections and highlight any discrepancies below the roof membrane. Water ingress in the insulation layer, cold bridges, and poor construction details can be easily seen during these surveys. Thermal imaging surveys should be considered to periodically check the roof on a 5 year basis, when repairs have been carried out on the roof and when moisture leaks need to be accurately traced back to the source.

During storm events our maintenance division can provide roof snow removal and emergency repairs on a 24/7 call out basis.

Roof maintenance is often overlooked by owners and facilities managers. It can be extremely costly and unpredictable to repair roofs on a reactive rather than a proactive basis. By following the age old proverb of ‘’a stitch in time saves nine’’ Reliable Roofing & Sheet metal can save you money with a specially tailored roof maintenance program.

Thermal Imaging

Reliable Roofing & Sheet Metal LLC provides infrared surveys of roofing systems. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive, industry recognized, survey method that quantifies and visualizes thermal anomalies.  Thermal anomalies occur when a roofing system has a moisture leak, a cold bridge, or an inconsistent construction detail.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be notoriously difficult to detect and solve. Normally a client will wait until a roof leak presents inside the building as mold or moisture staining before noticing there is a problem. A contractor will be employed to find and repair the leak by the practice of flood testing the roof. This is time consuming process and often results in unsuccessful repairs. Thermal imaging can provide a much better alternative of accurately locating and assessing the scale of water penetration. The real time data provided during a survey allows for the areas of effected roof to be clearly marked. This has many benefits for the client including:

  • Identify damaged roof areas quickly and easily 
  • Accurately mark areas requiring roof repair 
  • Budget for repairs based on actual effected areas 

Thermal imaging surveys have a variety of additional applications that can help extend the life of your roofing system these include: 

  • Locating Cold Bridge areas to minimize heat loss through the building 
  • Inspections of newly completed roofs 
  • Inspections of repairs by contractors 
  • Inspections following storm damage and insurance claims 
  • Periodic warranty checks 

A periodic thermal imaging survey can be a worth-while investment for your roofing system. A small leak left unchecked can result in costly repairs to the roof membrane, the insulation and in some cases the roof deck. At Reliable Roofing & Sheet Metal we provide competitive survey rates and our technicians have extensive knowledge to suggest the appropriate maintenance and repairs for your specific needs.