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Our masonry and façade repair department is a very important element of Reliable Roofing’s complete building envelope service. We have a large portfolio of completed projects involving historical restorations, waterproofing, structural concrete repairs, internal walls, repointing, through wall flashings EFIS installations etc. We have worked on highly sensitive structures in historical areas such as Cambridge and the North End. Our masonry team can install a variety of façade products from external insulation to various wall cladding units.

Our masonry teams are highly experienced at matching their work to the existing condition. We can formulate different mortar blends to exactly match the existing texture, color and composition. We also source our brick units from a variety of sources. This gives us the confidence to guarantee our ability to find a similar brick style unit for your specific needs.

While working at any job we aim for the least possible disruption to the building occupants. We ensure our work is properly planned to minimize any inconvenience to the building tenants. We always ensure that dusty activities are not carried out close to air conditioning intakes as this can block the filters creating a further headache for the owner. Instead, we always cover the intakes or postpone our work until they can be shut down. We also use dust vacuums while grinding any material to again, reduce airborne dust. Noise can also be a problem in some locations we have worked on churches before where we rescheduled our tea breaks to facilitate the daily masses.

We own all our own staging and access platforms. We only use the finest equipment to ensure a safe working environment for all our employees. We carry our own pipe staging, Fraco staging, Pump staging, and swing staging to facilitate almost any application.

All our staff are qualified masons and sourced from the Mass. Bricklayers & Masons Union local #3. We are DCAM certified company qualified in Masonry and Historical Restoration