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We offer a complete roofing service including roof surveys, design consultation, new roof installations, emergency repairs and maintenance programs. We are experienced with all types of roofing systems including PVC, EDPM, TPO, Built-Up Roofing, Green roofs, Slate, Shingle etc. Over the years we have completed several hundreds of projects from minimal roof repairs to complete tear off and replacements ranging in value for thousands to several of millions of dollars.

We are experienced with the most difficult roofing applications such as high rise buildings, congested urban sites, hazardous environments, special occupancy buildings, hospitals, schools etc. We are always conscience of our clients’ needs and can install roofing with minimal disruption to the building occupants. On projects requiring special restrictions to noise, access, safety etc. we can perform our work at weekends and during building holiday periods.

Reliable Roofing & Sheet Metal LLC is a trusted roofing installer. We are licensed to install by several manufacturers including Tremco, Firestone, Sarnafil, Carlisle etc. This ensures that we are correctly trained in the installation techniques for each manufacturer. A licensed installer can also offer extended warranties up to 30 years. We are a certified roofing contractor with; the Division of Capital Asset Management DCAM of Massachusetts, the National Roofing Contractors Association NRCA and the Northeast Roofing Contractors Association NERCA and fully insured and bonded.

We deliver a comprehensive maintenance program to extend the life of your roofing system. This includes a plan for your specific roof following the guidelines of the roof system manufacturer. Tailored plans include periodic maintenance such as: drain cleaning, leave removal, thermal imaging surveys and managing penetrations required by mechanical and HVAC personnel. We also provide snow removal following storms during the winter months

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Regardless of your problems, if you have a minor leak you would like repaired, your roof has blown off in a storm or you would like to have your roof professionally assessed and maintained give us a call and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.