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152 North Street

Project Role General Contractor, roofing, masonry
152 North Street, Boston, MA 02109
Project size

General Contractor

This project included installing a complete roof with copper shingles. To do this the entire building was staged and protected for foot traffic beneath. As GC on this project we facilitated the various trades, provided staging and access platforms and coordinated the specialty trades.


A middle section of the roof plan featured a low sloped roof. The existing roof was removed to the deck and a new built up system installed.

Sheet Metal

The entire steep sloped roof on the perimeter of the building required copper shingles, ridges, hips, valleys and snow guards. While sourcing the required type and style was difficult, we found a suitable manufacturer in Florida. The roof drainage specified a fully soldered inline copper gutter. This was done by pre manufacturing section in our workshop and soldering the sections on-site.


The masonry element of this project included removal and replacing window lintels and sills, masonry brick removal and replacing, brick repointing and historical repairs to the stone columns at the front of the building.