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Green Roofing Systems

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Brighton High School, 25 Warren Street, Brighton, MA 02135
Roosevelt School, 95 Needham Road Hyde Park, MA 02136
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Reliable roofing has installed numerous green roofing systems using varying techniques. Green roofing systems provide an alternative to what we have come to expect in the built up, urban environment of city living.  Green roofing systems provide an alternative with many benefits from conventional roofs including energy savings, environmental friendly, promotes micro ecosystems and more naturally aesthetic. Clients are free to design how the vegetation layer will grow and evolve based on the client’s desired use. This vegetation layer and the growing medium provide a natural, insulation which prevents solar heat gain within the building. This equates to reduced heating and cooling requirements and consequently, lower energy bills.

Green Roof Construction

Green roofing systems are quite different from standard commercial types. They have a series of extra layers which include growing medium for the chosen vegetation, a filter layer to prevent silt and dirt from entering the drains and a drainage medium to direct the water to the drains. The waterproofing layer needs to be completely watertight as it will be covered with additional layers. A vector mapping system is installed over the waterproofing layer as a testing method for leaks. Over this vector mapping wire the drainage system and growing medium can be installed and should a leak ever occur in the roof system the Vector mapping will allow for the exact location of the leak to be found.

Vector Mapping

Vector mapping allows for accurate testing of waterproofing layers. The process involves spraying a mist of water on the roof system. A special wire is rolled out on the roof surface. Through this wire a small current flow which it turn creates a magnetic field throughout the roofing system. A technician walks the entire roof with a probe in either hand. These probes register any differences in the magnetic field which indicates a leak as the current is earthing to the roof insulation. This system is highly effective as a roof testing method. Stainless steel wire is often used so it can be left on the waterproofing layer and tested regularly even with the additional layers installed above.